February 2017 | Otis Grumbles: MisHelenEous Review

January was a busy month in my world; I had to try and shift the Christmas belly I had acquired from all the treats I got in my stocking, I had some of my dog friends come to stay while their humans went on holiday (I really enjoy this until I see my Mum opening my treat cupboard and SHARING my treats out between us all…) and I turned 6 (Mum and Dad forgot to buy me a present this year so Mum just put one of my old teddies through the wash and tried to pass it off as new, luckily I’m a dog so that trick worked).


One person who didn’t forget to give me a birthday present was a very nice human called Helen from MisHelenEous. SHE loves me. She sent me a parcel that was wrapped up all nicely with ribbons and stuff like those presents that you get under that tree the humans put in the house once a year but I was so excited when Mum let me open it that I forgot to take a photo of the packaging. You may think that, being a dog, packaging is not high on my list of importance when reviewing products but I take my job as a Dog Blogger very seriously so I’m being thorough.


What Helen sent me was something I have wanted for a VERY long time – a bandana! The American dogs in the movies always have them but Mum and Dad say they have struggled to find one big enough for my very large and manly neck. Well, they should have just spoken to Helen sooner because this one fits me just right. She also put my name on it so that Dad can’t try and steal it to wear himself. When Mum put the bandana on me I felt very snazzy and I did my best Labradoodle show dog trot around and around the house until they were bored of telling me how handsome I looked and told me to sit down.



I wore my bandana out on a walk last weekend because I wanted to show my pals my new accessory and they were all really envious. One dog even tried to rip it off me…. his name isn’t Otis though so that wouldn’t have worked.



I’ve requested that my next product review be of something edible because now that January is over I’m ready to stop pretending to be on a diet with Mum and go back to eating like a normal dog. I think Mum understands, she left a block of cheese out on the kitchen side yesterday and that’s right at my snout level so I decided she had probably done that on purpose and I helped myself to it. It was really delicious. Mum remembered she had left the cheese out when she got to the end of the road and raced back home, probably to put it on a plate for me so I didn’t have to strain my neck to get it off the side, but I told her she needn’t have rushed home as I had managed just fine without a plate.


High Five

Otis x


A self employed Designer Maker from Manchester, MisHelenEous has a wide range of ‘miscellaneous’ gifts for Home & Hound, made in Manchester. An official Made in Britain member I also undertake bespoke work & small trade requests to the pet product industry & have shipped goods to 30 countries in 3 years. You can find my online shop or contact me at www.misheleneous.co.uk/

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  • Alison

    What a lovely insight into life with Otis…. How adorable he is…..his new neckerchief looks super snazzy. …. I bet he will be fighting off the lady dogs this Valentines
    Woof woof


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