March 2017 | Otis Grumbles: Wellybix treats all round!

This month a parcel arrived and I knew it was for me because it smelt like lamb and if there’s one thing in the whole land I love more than roast chicken or bathing like a sea lion in a muddy puddle, that’s lamb. Sometimes Mum and Dad buy me other flavoured kibble because they seem to think I would like some variety in my food… is that some kind of sick joke?! I’m a dog. I make sure when they give me chicken flavoured kibble that I really make it look like eating it is a chore (I have Labrador blood in me, I am yet to find a thing that is a chore to eat). I would eat lamb kibble every day though for the rest of my dog days and never ever get bored. So, when a lamb scented parcel found its way into my home I was 97% sure it was for me. I didn’t open it myself just in case, because I’ve opened post before and the humans weren’t impressed, but I should’ve just gone with my gut. Labradoodle guts never lie.


The delicious smells came from a bag of lamb (hello) and fresh rosemary (who?!) flavoured dog treats by Wellybix. Game changers. Mum read the ingredients and was pleased that they ‘weren’t full of nasties’ and Dad was pleased they had used rosemary as he’s a bit pretentious when it comes to cooking a Sunday roast lamb dinner and says you can’t have one without the other. I can’t lie, I don’t care about either of those things. I care that they tasted DELICIOUS and because Mum was trying to get a photo of me eating one she let me try LOADS of them. I made sure I wagged my tail and licked my lips, high fived, waved and rolled over 37 times so that the humans could see how much I was enjoying them.


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In other news; last month I think Mum and Dad felt guilty about missing my birthday in January because they threw me a whole load of parties. One of them was at home and all of Dad’s side of the family came round. I especially liked playing with my little cousins, they cuddle me lots and use me ‘for donkey rides’ (I choose not to be offended, they’re only young, however if they keep calling me a donkey I am going to have to say something) which is really fun. I had a bit of a meltdown when they started playing catch with balloons (what is it with humans and their obsession for those terrifying bags of breath that POP when you least expect it?!) but these balloons kept appearing at all of my parties so I had to man up. Another time we went to the pub and the owners reserved a table with my name on it and brought me treats. The main party they threw for me was a big house in Dorset that Mum filled with loads of my favourite humans and it was huge and very dog friendly ( The garden was SO enormous that I could take myself for multiple dog walks a day and the humans kept thinking they had lost me. It was a really fun game and I had an excellent weekend. Here is a photo of me celebrating:



It was Dad’s birthday too that month but I don’t think we did anything to celebrate.


High Five

Otis x

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