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Hi, my name is Otis and I’m a very large and very docile F1 Labradoodle. That’s almost exactly like an F2 (‘proper’) labradoodle except that my hair isn’t very curly and I still shed fur. Everywhere. All year round. Even on Christmas Day.




I live in a nice house in Bristol and I have two human lodgers called Mum and Dad. I found them when I was four months old (and already the size of a large Labrador) they fell in love with me immediately (naturally) and decided to rescue me. I had lived outside in a barn so I took a bit of convincing to live inside a house but once I discovered this thing called a sofa and also that if you master those scary stairs there’s a thing at the top of them called a fluffy bed with white sheets like a cloud, I decided that inside was not so bad.




Here’s some facts about me:


Age: 5

Favourite Toy: Anything soft and cuddly, I like to snuggle up with a teddy at bedtime.

Favourite Human: Dad is best for throwing balls far and playing with and Mum is best for cuddles. I also do this really cute face that Mum can’t resist so I get extra treats from her.

Favourite TV Show: When David Attenborough shows are on I sit right in front of the TV so no one else can see and I growl at the cats (lions).

Dislikes: Horror films. Mum and Dad can’t watch anything with scary music or with lots of bangs because I get scared and have to hide. I am also terrified of woodlice, spiders and butterflies.

Favourite Food: Roast chicken. I take meal time very seriously. I like to lie down to eat and savour each mouthful.

Favourite Treat: Pig’s ears.

Hobbies: Swimming underwater, chasing balls (not sticks), sleeping right in the centre of the kitchen floor so that everybody falls over me, playing tug of war with my dog friends.


Earlier this year Ellie the Human from Boots & Bones sent me a very jazzy collar to wear and because I looked so handsome in it she has now asked me to be a brand representative. That means that I have to look really handsome at all times because the paparazzi (my humans) take photos of me even more than they used to. To go with my new Brand Rep job title I have also agreed to write a Dog Blog all about me. This will include tales of my day to day adventures, product reviews (Otis Recommends…), stories of when I embarrass my humans, recipes for delicious homemade treats and much more.


I think I’ve mastered this typing lark, it’s only taken me 37 days to write this blog post with my giant paws and I will keep practicing on Dad’s shiny laptop while he’s at work. My first product review is coming up in a few weeks so I am very busy during the working week playing with toys and eating treats ready to tell you all about them.


High five

Otis x

4 replies on “November 2016 | Otis Grumbles: A Dog Blog

  • Roly

    Hi Otis, hope you remember me, your old mucker. Just wishing you good luck with the new job & blog – will look forward to hearing your doggy tales! Best wishes, Roly xx

  • Mila

    Hey Otis…it’s your favourite bitch Mila! Hope you’ve not forgotten me now you’re famous. I miss you loads and can’t wait to see your jazzy new collar.

  • Arthur

    Dear Otis, even though I’m your uncle, I can’t type yet and have had to dictate this through a series of barks and growls via my human. I am in awe at your skills! Stay cool!

    Uncle Arthur xx


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