October 2017: Boots & Bones – but better!

As you probably know we love the brand Boots & Bones, we’ve been a fan right from the beginning and every time Ellie releases a new collection I can’t help but place an order; and her new range was no exception!



The new range for Autumn included popular fabrics from previous ranges but on leather collars! Our all time favourite Boots & Bones collar is the Denim Stars – Sev wears his collar to every show/event he goes too! So when I saw that Ellie had brought out the Denim Stars x Leather collar it was obvious that Sev would be needing one!

One of the things we love about Boots & Bones is the quality, they are always super soft and lightweight yet beautifully made and are never bulky, which is super important to me when buying collars. The first thing that struck me about the new collar was how soft it was! The leather is buttery soft and smooth and sat comfortably on Sev straight away (so many leather collars are stiff and rough!) another thing that I really liked about these is the double keepers, perfect to avoid flappy ends! The fabric sleeve is securely attached which metal rivets. I absolutely love this collar and it’s overtaken it’s fabric counterpart as Sev’s go-to show collar (it’ll be making it’s debut at Discover Dogs next week!)



I also added one of Boots & Bones’ new bow ties to my order, the fabric is the Confetti Tweed (we also have the matching collar!), this bow is the perfect size for Sev and has a nice wide elastic loop which stops it from slipping around when it’s on the collar – super excited to see what other fabrics Ellie will be making into bows!

Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

You can head over to the Fachshund blog to see even ore adorable photos of the gorgeous Sev!

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