September 2017 | Ralph proposes…

We were overjoyed when Ralph’s dad, Bradley, contacted us back in May to ask if we could help him out with a very important task! We had just sent him a Dogtooth Tweed collar and lead set, and Bradley asked could we make ‘a matching pillow or box, or something to hold a ring’, to which we replied… ‘ABSOLUTELY! Is this for a proposal!? Squuuuuuueeee’



When the time came around… a sunny August morning, we received a photo of Ralph in his ‘proposal outfit’ from Bradley telling us that ‘today will be the day’. We could not contain our excitement!


“The day I got Ralph he became my best mate, and basically Becky had always been a little bit jealous of him (lol). So I thought it would be a nice idea to get Ralph in on proposing, I mean, who could say no to that face? Ralph has a few Boots & Bones’ collars, and as everything is handmade to order I thought I’d try my luck and ask if they could make up something to hold a ring. I was so pleased when they said yes!”



“I kept the day of the proposal nice and simple, I waited for a weekend with good weather to organise a picnic and a dog walk to Heavens Gate at Longleat. I sent Ralph over to Becky wearing his pouch, and the rest is history as they say!”



We love you Ralph, you legend! All the best to Bradley and Becky xx

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