April 2017 | Happy 1st birthday to us!

Hip hip hoooooray, Boots & Bones celebrates it’s 1st Birthday this week! What a wonderful year it has been! It sure has flown by, but what an amazing journey we’ve had. For those who don’t know our story…



It was 2014 and we were on the hunt to find the perfect collar, we were unable to settle on something that would be good enough for our new family member, Dotty, and so Boots & Bones was born. Ellie is our chief designer and marketeer. She can be found sat behind the sewing machine or chasing the latest fabric trends. Dan is our techy guru and is sometimes found tinkering with the website, but mostly caught drinking cups of tea and nibbling on biscuits. And finally the boss… Dotty. She is in charge of quality control, and you may also spot her modelling for us on the website!


Our birthday celebrations have been postponed until 15th April when we will also be celebrating Dotty’s 3rd birthday… watch this space for cake, dog beer and tons of presents!


So here’s to a fantastic 12 months of creating wonderful products for doggies and their owners all over the UK. We can’t thank you enough, without you we wouldn’t be here! Roll on the next 12 months… watch this space!




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