November 2017: Bonfire Night Safety

Fireworks and bonfires are fun for all the family but also pose their dangers to our furry four legged friends. Here’s how to keep your pets calm and happy during this explosive time.

Bonfire night can be a frightening and anxious time for dogs, and it’ important to spare a thought for their safety. Keeping them safe and feeling secure is paramount, so what can you do to help your pet deal with the sights and sounds of firework night?


Calming tablets

You vet will be able to recommend various types of calming tablets that gently reduce anxiety. Flashing lights and loud noise create fear, which can lead to aggression in a normally non-aggressive dog. We can also recommend The Zen Dog Tea by The Holistic Pet Company, which was reviewed by Otis back in December 2016. The herbal tea contains a blend of traditional nervine, or calming herbs, formulated to promote calmness.



Blocking out the noise

Trying to stop the noise coming through to where your dog lives in the first place can be helpful. Make sure you draw your curtains and turn up the volume on the TV or radio to drown out the sound of fireworks, but be careful not to go too loud! Close your doors and windows and try to move your dog to a more inward part of your home.



Create a safe place

Provide a den where your dog will fell safe and secure, giving them their comfort blanket or toy, or even an old piece of your clothing to help ease the anxiety. Keeping them indoors is recommended, however if you do need to take them outside make sure they are wearing their collar and ID tag, as they may behave out of character during this time and run off.


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