April 2017 | Otis Grumbles: Guruuuulicious

April has been a very busy month for me. We had the Easter bank holiday weekend so I had to entertain the humans for longer than usual, Mum had her wisdom tooth out so I helped to nurse her (sleep on her feet while she dribbled and dozed) until she felt better, I’ve had friends to stay, Dad and I have made the most of the sunshine and done lots of gardening (I help by dropping my tennis ball right in front of the lawn mower and rolling around in the grass cuttings) and I’ve been on a really manly camping trip.


Over Easter I got to try a new food that the humans said had been sent to me by a nice company called Guru. I am half Labrador and therefore the most important thing in my world is food and as I have said before, taste testing and reviewing food is a job I take very very seriously.


Firstly, I suggested I pose for some photos of me sat next to the giant bag of kibble in my garden for scale and also to show how happy it made me:



Secondly, research. I let Mum and Dad do this bit but they read the packaging and said it was a cold pressed dog food. Then they had to ask a guy called Google what that means but they seemed very pleased with his answer and said something about it being more nutritious than other kibble as none of the goodness is lost through the heating process. I don’t know what that means but they also said that I could eat a smaller amount than I do now and that it’s meant to keep me fuller for longer…. HA. Full? Never. And LESS food?! This all sounds very dramatic?!


Finally came the most important stage – the taste test. I was going to have to make sure that, no matter how delicious this food was, I pretended I didn’t love it because there is absolutely NO way I will be settling for less food than I get now. This was harder than you would think. When Dad poured the big bag of Surf and Turf biscuits into my food tub I couldn’t help dribbling… it just smelt SO delicious and although I was trying to pretend I was totally disinterested the dribble gave me away. Then without even realising what I was doing I found myself pulling out all of my best tricks to make sure I got that food in front of me as fast as possible. I was waving and high fiving and begging – I’m very disappointed at my total lack of self-control. Pretending you’re not fussed about your dinner when it smells so tasty is really tricky. My next plan was to act like I was starving and wasting away after dinner so that they realised that cutting my portion sizes was not the answer, but it turns out I was completely satisfied with my meal and I didn’t manage to waste away even a little bit. Instead I went for an after dinner nap and forgot all about my mission to look starved.



The biggest test came when I was camping with Dad. It was hungry work watching his multiple attempts to put up a tent and he told me I had to be on guard at all times in case any wild bears came running out of the woods to steal our food. The Guru kibble filled me up and kept me satisfied even when we went exploring all day long. If I had thumbs I would give this delicious food two thumbs up. Dad would also like me to add that he thoroughly enjoyed the packaging and the re-sealable bag…..he’s 30 now, that kind of thing pleases him.


The nice people at Guru also threw in a few bones too which can count as a complete meal if you’re that way inclined but I’m a civilised creature of habit and like to eat my meals out of a bowl so I’ve enjoyed my bones as a hearty evening snack in front of the TV instead. They are REALLY scrummy and filling and I made sure to wag my tail the whole time I was eating it so that Mum and Dad knew to order me some more.



High Five

Otis x

2 replies on “April 2017 | Otis Grumbles: Guruuuulicious

  • Arthur

    Dear Otis
    On behalf of all starving dogs everywhere I would like to thank you!

    Please bring a bag of this delicious goodness next time you come and stay at mine.

    Kibbles kisses

    Uncle Arthur xx

  • Team Guru

    What a fantastic, funny and informative blog!
    The Geeksters love you Otis xox
    Thanks Boots & Bones, we REALLY appreciate you helping us #SpreadTheLove
    Lots of love and Geekster kisses,
    Team Guru xxx


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